2014 Demo

by Bottomfed

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Bottomfed is a 4 piece hardcore punk band from Massachusetts. This is their debut demo, featuring two songs that were written about 6 months prior to their release. Both tracks were produced by Zach Lemieux, and the song "To Proceed" features Zach Lemieux on guest vocals.

Bottomfed is:
Ryan Meehan - Guitar/Vocals
Rob Carlson - Guitar/Vocals
Tom Cifello - Bass/Vocals
Alec Doyle - Drums/Vocals


released 04 April 2014



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Track Name: To Proceed (Feat. Zach Lemieux)
I've tried my best to find
the comfort & the pride
in seeing myself reading every night.
Just to share a look with your eyes.
& maybe it’s a sign;
that while my face is dry
I’ll try to say what I have to.
While this beat was made for miles,
we’ll march through muck and piles of tough
reasons we can’t breath,
reasons that we’re out of luck.
I just hope we have enough,
I hope you find the strength you need
to proceed in this life.

I don't know what you wanted,
hands joined & I'm on my knees.
A life lesson for empty seats,
I guess it goes to show
what happens when you teach.
Track Name: Buzzards
When turning cheeks from the mirror;
a lost cause, no hope, no truth.
Turned heads can’t see clearer;
all fog, all lies, no proof.
A shattered life of liberty;
that’s where you’ll see her.
Freedom is an ugly sound
as the pieces hit the ground.
So talk & stand tall,
be happy it was there at all.

It seems to me;
they’re just wasting breath.
Beneath the weeds,
with the rest.
It seems to me,
they’re just wasting breath
When they scream to me.

"The government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force."

But when freedom isn’t around;
starving cities, troubled town.
Just walk & stand tall,
be happy it was there at all.