Whatever, Humanity

by Bottomfed

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4 track Split Ep with From The Makers Of


released July 29, 2014

Produced by John Dello Iacono and Bottomfed/From The Makers Of, respectively.

Engineered/Mixed/Mastered by John Dello lacono at Bridge East Studios in East Bridgewater, MA

Bottomfed personnel:
Tom Cifello - Vocals/Bass
Robert Carlson - Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
Ryan Meehan - Lead Guitar/Vocals
Alec Doyle - Drums/Vocals

From The Makers Of personnel :
Matt Magnell - Vocals/Guitar
Mac Jackson - Bass/Vocals
Billy Silvers - Lead Guitar
Alec Doyle - Drums/Vocals



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Track Name: Gardener - Bottomfed
Go on kid, break a leg.
When dancing around the subject,
what did you expect?
Go on kid, break a fucking leg.
Did you think that I would shrink
below those words you said?

You took the beaten path,
crooked like smiles turned to laughs.
But you can’t find your way,
you can’t find your way back.

This aint about the girl,
this is about you & me.

An act of fake first takes,
When everything you say
is held under your breath and is
never to my face.
So hide behind your cheap disguise
but this time you won't say those lies
to me next time we meet.
To someone your own size.

I hope you know the joke is on you,
this time around. Just try
to see this one through,
& tell the punchline.
Track Name: Hartwell - Bottomfed
Let me live
A life of lasting exertions,
let me live
a life receding rancor.
Let me live
Without the subtle distractions,
& sadness that sleeps with me beneath the floor.

I don’t know how it’s supposed to go,
but I know what I have to say

Talk me up;
that's all you've ever done is just
talk me up.
& drop me with guilt like change in an empty cup.

We’re all staying inside,
luxury lurks & finds its way into minds.
Preemptive ways to waste time,
plenty in mine, plenty in mine.

I am not afraid to fight fragments of fury in my brain.
Why? It’s all the same.
Right, left, right back at the freight train.
No one knows your name
just another pawn in their game.
I am not afraid to walk back where they came.
If I’m not alone.